Jasnogórskie Centrum Informacji

Privacy Policy

The Jasna Gora Information Center (called further JCI) - at www.jci.jasnagora.pl

does not process, does not open to public, does not use for marketing purposes the data delivered by its web side users.

Considering the right for privacy policy of our users, the JCI limits the usage and collection of information about our web side users to a minimum necessary to render its services at the highest level.

While using our web side, all the users remain anonymous and their contact details are stored only in the Jasna Gora mail box and the data application file supporting the tourist services at the Jasna Gora.

Based on the received information, some comprehensive and general, statistical data are prepared which are not disclosed to third parties. They contain information regarding the viewing ratio of our web side services.

We use the e-mail addresses of our users in order to diagnose problems considering the work of our server, analyze the security breaches and the administration flows of our WWW. page

In case of additional questions regarding the privacy policy, please contact our service administrator.

All materials used by our service belong to JCI.

The copying, circulation, reproduction, publication and/or modification of our audio, video, photo and printed materials is forbidden without the JCI's permission.

Director of JCI
Fr Mirosław Górkiewicz